This was my first attempt to make HDA inside Houdini, intended to use as an asset inside Cinema 4D.

Although making HDA inside Houdini went well, I didn't realize that
there is no way to change each of the HDA's parameters inside Cinema 4D...
Somehow I was sure that the mode "Blend" will work on HDA (which won't).
If you know any solutions, tip me off.

But especially when it's necessary to keep full control over every properties,
maybe I will stick to Houdini to the end next time.


Although mesh was modeled entirely with SOP nodes,
I tried to follow the basic flow of subdivision modeling. Also maintained polygons quad as long as possible.

Nib shape variation using combination of bools.

Adaptive UV based on length.

Early test inside Houdini. Noise applied to their length.